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Product Description

OEM ODM carbon acrylic silicone aluminum wooden desk cell mobile phone stand magnetic wireless charging mobile phone holders

Sturdy and Anti-Scratch: Made of 3.0 thick reinforced aluminum alloy, the stand supports your iPhone steadily without any wobbling or falling.
Suitable Viewing Angle: Designed with 55-degree fixed angle to provide you with the most comfortable viewing experience. It keeps your hands free when you watch videos, play games and have video calls.
Excellence on details: Made of high-quality aluminum alloy and soft silicone pads, has a smooth and delicate edge, beautiful metallic luster. A good desktop partner for you.
DB01-A1Modern stylish Silicone anti slip pad designto prevent the phone fromsliding and scratching.
DB01-A2 customize Grating Film printing panels, customized patterns,such as landscapes, characters,animation, models.
DB01-A3 Concave silicone pad can be used on both sides:concave is compatible with the original Apple Magsafe magnetic charging package.
DB01-A4 Stand for MagSafe Charger : Designed specifically for Original Apple MagSafe charger, Compatible with Apple iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro Max,13 Pro, 13, 13 Mini, 12 Pro Max,12 Pro, 12, 12 Mini.
Mobile Phone And Tablet Desktop Bracket
55 ° Ergonomic Design
People sit at the table and look at the mobile phone screen vertically, without strain on the waist and neck for a long time
Single Hand Picking And Placing
Live broadcast and drama pursuit are easier
Reserved Charging Port
Convenient charging
Extensive Compatibility, Available For Mobile Phones And Tablets
Compatible size 4 "- 12.9"
Real Material, Thickened Aluminum Alloy


3mm aluminum alloy thickness


2mm aluminum alloy thickness
Elaborate Craftsmanship
Fine and smooth workmanship
Poor workmanship
The edge has rough and is not smooth
The Details Are Also Wonderful
Both appearance and value
Six Functions For You To Choose From


Plain silica gel panel
Customizable grain

Rasterized panel

Customized patterns, such as landscapes, characters,
anime and models

Concave silicone pad can be used on both sides

Concave surface is compatible with the original Apple Magsafe magnetic charging package; The flat surface
is beautiful and anti-skid

With Magsafe Wireless Charging Package

Support 15W high-power wireless charging of Apple and
Android phones

Smooth panel

Customizable pattern and text

Hollow out design

Modern stylish
Multi Material Options, Customize Your Favorite Materials
Aluminum alloy material
You can customize aluminum alloy of any color you like
Carbon fiber material
You can customize 1k, 1.5k, 3k carbon fiber
Acrylic material
You can customize the acrylic in the color you like
Wood material
You can customize any wood you like
It can be applied to a variety of scenes to
make your life more convenient
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